Technology to sort recyclable materials

Helping MRFs and PRFs improve their workforce efficiency

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How our solution works


Our systems are placed above conveyor belts, utilising advanced camera technology to continuously monitor the materials moving through your facility


Captured images are instantly analysed to identify valuable materials, triggering coloured laser beams to guide the picker


Real-time insights are shown on your live dashboard and weekly reports, giving you access to essential data that enables you to optimise processes


Easy to retrofit in any sorting cabin

Our solution seamlessly integrates into any sorting cabin and can be installed during maintenance windows without disrupting your operations.

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Flexible payment

Pay-as-you-go with monthly billing and the freedom to cancel anytime

Dual-use capability

Supports up to four pickers working simultaneously

Easy installation

Simple set up with just four bolts and one power plug, featuring built-in wifi

Compact design

Measures 40cm x 40cm x 30cm and weighs less than 10kgs


Our results speak for themselves

Increase picker performance by up to 50%
Increase recovered value by up to 77%
Reduce picker training time by up to 50%

How we work with you

1. Design

We collaborate with you to create a solution tailored to your specific requirements and priorities

2. Install

Our system is easy to retrofit in any sorting cabin, with minimal capital expenditure required

3. Calibrate

We are constantly improving our algorithm and run regular testing to ensure optimal performance

4. Support

Enjoy ongoing post-deployment assistance and complimentary upgrades 


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