Maximise recovery with AI-powered solutions

At Sorted, we’re revolutionising recycling efficiency. Our mission is to empower recycling facility managers to optimise operations and maximise output.

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Hardware and software for optimal recovery and streamlined operations

Discover how Sorted empowers pickers to efficiently extract recyclables while providing managers with real-time data and valuable insights


Sorted benefits both management and pickers

Elevate your operations
Maximise returns

Average a remarkable 2.8x return on your investment

Maximise recovery

Increase recovered value by up to 77%

Automate assessments

Streamline mandatory material composition assessments

Real-time monitoring

Stay ahead of the curve with live facility monitoring

Elevate your team
Enhance performance

Boost picker productivity by up to 50%

Accelerate training

Slash picker training time by up to 50%

Elevate accuracy

Use precise computer vision technology to guide pickers

Monitor performance

Harness insightful metrics to track performance

Why sorted

Sorted is the most effective solution for your MRF

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Multi-Object Detection

Our advanced cameras and artificial intelligence technology detect large quantities of items simultaneously, even if they are partially obscured, ensuring comprehensive reporting.

Continuous Learning

Sorted’s solution leverages machine learning to continuously adapt to new types of recyclables, providing you with precise and insightful data that evolves with your needs.

Picker Assistance

Pickers are essential to mechanical sorting, accounting for over 50% of operating expenses. Sorted is the only solution that enhances picker efficiency, boosting accuracy and productivity.

High Return on Investment

Upgrade your facility without breaking the bank. Sorted’s solution requires minimal installation costs, no capital expenditure, and offers a convenient pay-as-you-go model.


Who we work with

Recycling Facilities
Staffing Agencies
Facility Builders


What our customers say

The biggest challenge we have right now is continuously adapting what we do to what brings the most value: either reducing residual waste or achieving higher quality output, but without having to redesign our plants. Sorted is tacking exactly that. They understand our operation and they are leveraging technology in a pragmatic way to start adding value from the start.

Fred Stinchcombe

Production Regional Manager, Suez

Technology solutions which can achieve scale quickly are critical to the sector’s ability to adapt in the near term, and by enhancing and augmenting the ability of the workforce to get more material out of existing waste streams, we can see barriers to market entry being significantly reduced.

Claire Shrewsbury

Director of Insights and Innovations at WRAP


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